KCFP Job Requirements

Here’s a list of potential requirements and steps you might need to take:

  1. Costume Skills and Appearance:
    • Ability to wear and perform in a costume that matches the character’s appearance.
    • Confidence and comfort in the costume to perform in front of people.
    • Attention to detail to ensure the costume looks accurate and appealing.
  2. Physical Fitness and Stamina:
    • Costumed characters often require physical activity, including dancing, moving around, and posing for photos. Good physical fitness is essential.
  3. Interpersonal Skills:
    • Friendly and approachable demeanor to engage with children and guests.
    • Ability to improvise and adapt to different social situations.
    • Patience and understanding, especially when dealing with children who might have various reactions.
  4. Communication Skills:
    • Clear verbal communication, especially if the character is expected to speak.
    • Non-verbal communication, including gestures and body language, to convey emotions.
  5. Performance Skills:
    • Depending on the character, acting and performance skills might be required.
    • Ability to maintain character consistency throughout the event.
    • Basic understanding of the character’s personality and behavior to entertain guests effectively.
  6. Reliability and Punctuality:
    • Dependability to show up on time and adhere to the event schedule.
    • Professionalism in all interactions, including with event organizers, parents, and guests.
  7. Safety Awareness:
    • Awareness of potential hazards or risks associated with the costume and the event space.
    • Ability to perform safely without causing harm to yourself or others.
  8. Background Check:
    • Some employers might require a background check, especially when working with children.
  9. Availability:
    • Gig/Part-time assignment work 7 days a week.
    • Weekends. Including weekdays and holiday weekends. Please be advised: Event times are between 10 am to 5 pm.
  10. Resume and Cover Letter:
    • Create a resume that highlights relevant experience, performance skills, and any related qualifications.
    • Write a cover letter expressing your enthusiasm for the role and explaining why you are a good fit.
  11. Portfolio or Photos:
    • If you have prior experience as a costumed character, provide photos or videos showcasing your performances.
  12. Audition or Interview:
    • We might request an audition or interview to assess your suitability for the role.
  13. Training:
    • Some companies provide training on how to effectively portray specific characters, so be open to learning.
  14. Legal Requirements:
    • Depending on your location, there might be legal requirements or permits needed for performing at events.
  15. References:
    • Prepare a list of references who can vouch for your reliability, performance skills, and professionalism.

When applying for such a job, tailor your application materials to highlight the skills and attributes that are relevant to the role of a costumed character. Emphasize your ability to engage with children and create a memorable experience for event attendees.